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Directory of Growers/Shippers

This directory covers the Western Region of Nova Scotia, Canada

All Nova Scotia Green Christmas Tree Co-op Ltd.

Address: 19A Fire Hall Road, Box 98, New Germany, Ns B0R 1E0
tel: 902-530-6180

Tree: 75,000 to 100,000

Quality at a fair price. Thirty-eight plus member producer/marketing Co-op. Co-op uniform grading. Balsam fir densities light, medium, heavy. Height 4' to 12'

Wreaths: Available made to order, balls, wreaths, centerpieces, etc.

Other: Available on request fir brush, pine brush, ground juniper, etc.

Balsam Investment Ltd. Jonathan Veinotte

Address: 483 Mossman Road, West Northfield, NS, B4V 5B5
tel: 902-527-0134
fax: 902-527-1868

Trees: Balsam fir various sizes and grades available.

Blackadar's Forestry Products
Anzil Blackadar

Address: 678 Veinot Road, New Germany, NS, B0R 1E0
tel: 902-543-6678
fax: 902-543-6678

Trees: Balsam fir and white pine trees available in various sizes.

Bruce Veinotte

Address: 76 Feeners Croner Road, West Northfield, NS B4V 5E3
tel: 902-543-3541

Trees: Sheared balsam, all sizes

Ed Davidson

Address: 705 Upper Brookside Rd., Central North River, NS B6L 2X6
tel: 902-957-1428

G & C Hughes Enterprises Ltd.
c/o Colin Hughes

Address: 136 New Russell Rd., RR#2, New Ross, NS B0J 2M0
tel: 1-902-689-2733
fax: 1-902-689-2343

Trees: All grades and sizes of balsam fir. Pine available on request.

Wreaths: Available on request.

Other: Twine, flagging tape, saws, trimmers, shearing machines, shears, rain gear, basic tree supplies.

Gryphon Hill Farms

tel: 902-824-0526

Wholesale Balsam Fir Christmas Trees and U-Cut

J & M Reeves Christmas Greens Ltd
Matthew Reeves

Address: 1595 Forties Rd., RR#1, New Ross, NS, B0J 2M0
tel: 902-689-2471
fax: 902-689-2834

Trees: 10,000 plus balsam fir trees available in all sizes and grades

Wreaths: Limited quantity and sizes of balsam fir

Other:Balsam fir and pine brush

Ken Seaboyer

Address: 257 Glengarry Rd., New Ross, NS B0J 2M0
tel: 902-689-2829

L & B Lenihan Farm & Forest Products
Laird Lenihan

Address: 340 Meister Rd., RR 2, New Ross, Lunenburg Co., NS B0J 2M0
tel: 1-902-689-2274
fax: 1-902-689-2592

Trees: 10,000 balsam fir trees - 4' - 12' ft. / table top 2-4 ft., light to heavy density
Other: trees are harvested as late as possible for quality and freshness

Leon Uhlman

Address: 1604 Torbrook Road, Wilmot, NS, B0P 1W0
tel: 902-765-3458

Trees: Balsam fir various sizes and grades available.
Pine trees are also available.

Lunenburg Balsam Fir Co-op
Address: PO Box 485, Bridgewater, NS B4V 2X6
tel: 1-902-543-9592
fax: 1-902-689-2343

Trees:15,000+ sheared Balsam fir light to heavy density as well as sheared white and red pine

M. Keddy Farm and Forest Ltd.
Michael Keddy

Address: 586 Glengarry Road, New Ross, NS, B0J 2M0
tel: 902-689-2364
fax: 902-689-2083

Trees: 40 000 trees +/- Balsam fir 4' to 14' of various grades

Michael D. Rafuse

Address: 1436 Farmington Rd., RR 1, Barss Corner, NS B0R 1A0
tel: 902-644-3498
fax: 902-644-1340

Maplewood Maple Syrup & Christmas Trees
Rex & Bonnie Veinot

Address:2819 Barss Corner Rd., Barss Corner, NS B0R 1A0
tel: 902-644-3358
fax: 902-644-3358

Trees: 2000 quality Balsam Fir table toppers to 10 ft.

Other: Maple Syrup

Nelson's Christmas Trees
Alice Nelson

Address: 217 MacKay Road, Westville, NS, B0K 2A0
tel: 902-396-4254

Trees: Balsam fir various sizes and grades available.

Neil H. Meister

Address: 4445 Hwy #12, RR #2, New Ross, NS B0J 2M0
tel: 902-689-2981
fax: 902-689-2981

Trees: 15,000+ sheared balsam fir, light to heavy density, 1' - 20'

Wreaths: Available

Pear Lake Farms
Jack Wentzell

Address: 3025 Barss Corner Rd., Barss Corner, NS, B0R 1A0
tel: 902-644-2375

Trees: sheared balsam fir, all sizes

Scothorn Farms

Address:8727 Hwy 14, Hardwood Lands, East Hants, NS, B0N 1Y0
tel: 902-758-1890
fax: 902-758-1892

Trees: 10,000 trees, all sizes and grades

Traditional Evergreen Tree Farm
Randy Naugler

Address: PO Box 25, Bridgewater, N.S. B4V 2W6
tel: 902-543-7728


Trees: Light, medium and heavy density trees in all sizes. International supplier of quality trees.

Ken Seaboyer

Address: 257 Glengarry Rd., New Ross, NS B0J 2M0
tel: 902-689-2829

Versatile Forest Services Ltd.
Daniel Dorey

Address: 52 E. Hebb Lane, Wileville, Lunenburg Co., NS, B4V 5L8
tel: 902-543-7320
fax: 902-530-2311

Trees: 5000 trees, all heights, 2 - 14 feet, light to heavy density

Willard Wagner

Address: RR #1, Barss Corner, Barss Corner, NS, B0R 1A0
tel: 902-644-2065
fax: 902-644-2680

Trees: sheared trees available

Wreaths: single or double faced wreaths


The Lunenburg County Christmas Tree Producers' Association
Box 148 New Germany, Nova Scotia, Canada   B0R 1E0
Phone: 902-644-2605    |    Fax: 902-644-2715